Chess Boards and Pieces

I love chess. I enjoy playing the game, but lately I have enjoyed building boards and pieces even more. There is a harmony and balance that arrests my attention. The battlefield and the readiness of the soldiers captures an energy that I amplify with my designs.
I deconstructed the board by separating the squares from one another. It created space, yet seemed to tighten the playing field. The emptiness creates tension. The squares appear to be floating in space rather than grounded. 
There are few games that have the aesthetic beauty and simplicity of a chess board. The artist in me continues to break the boundaries of board designs by separating the squares and integrating other materials like crushed stone.
I turn each piece by hand based on design that have inspired me over the years. I have some sets available, but often produce these to order. Lead time is a couple weeks depending on production schedule. You can choose wood type, color, size, or leave it up to me. I will not dissapoint.

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