Who is Rosato Anyway?

Above is an image of my Powermatic wood lathe with a rather large and heavy chunk of Stannard, Vermont grown cherry tree jam chucked to my lathe. If you don't know what a jam chuck is I offer woodturning classes to teach the plebeian population. Don't be insulted, that includes most of the world. 

Below is a beautiful video produced by Cameron Bushey of Six Five Films from Essex Junction, VT. It is my first lead role. I'm thrilled that we chose me to represent myself. We considered hiring Brad Pitt, but he can't turn a wood bowl worth a nickel. However, if Brad attempted to carve a wood bowl I would gather the sawdust, stuff it in a wooden box, and cherish it until the day I needed a fire starter next November for my wood stove. 

Rosato Woodturning from Six Five Films on Vimeo.